So I have been using DJI’s latest Prosumer Drone and yes there are some amazing things about this flagship drone but there are several things that must be fixed and or revamped to make this drone more useable.

Numero Uno for this pilot is the fact the the over hyped new smart controller comes with a paltry 32 GB of ram running Android 10. Out of the box half to the memory is taken. There is no way to use the SD card for Android OS storage and if you have caching on you will get memory extremely low messages, with no apparent way to find those cached files. You Get 1 PROP out of 5 for this lame design.

B. Transferring files from internal SSD to anything very slow and time consuming, I have been unable to find a way to transfer from the 1TB drive to the removable micro SD slot yes you can record directly to the micro SD card but not in Apple Prores 5k. In 2 days of filming I completely filled my 1TB MBP 14 and that’s only 90 minutes of actual footage.

3. Having to have the drone on to transfer footage WTF DJI!!!!

My full review is coming please check back later.

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